Fakaalofa lahi atu(Greeting) family and friends,

This week we are celebrating Niuean Language Week.

Did you know? That there are more Niueans living in New Zealand than there are in Niue, or that Niue was formed by volcanic upheavals, the island sits atop 100-foot (30-meter) cliffs rising straight out of deep ocean, which is why people sometimes call it "the rock".
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Happiest Birthday to Tokilupe Pikula :)

We at AW are so blessed to have you a part of the team. You have grown from strength to strength year after year. Your testimony of perseverance, courage, and humility has inspired us all, we can not wait to see you walk down the isle and walk into a new season with your amazing husband to be. We are excited what God has planned for you. Thank you for having us a part of your journey. :)

Happy birthday LUPE! :)
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Today is the World Mental Health Day. We want to support raising awareness of mental health issues especially for our pacific island people. Studies have shown that our pacific people have higher rates of mental health issues like depression and anxiety and our pacific island youth are twice as likely to have depression in comparison to the rest of New Zealand's population. We need to raise awareness of this, and help change these statistics.

Here is a link to the Le Va Website page on Mental health with some resources that you can also check out. http://ow.ly/hpJL30fALnh
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Ni sa bula vinaka, this week we are celebrating Fijian language week. Next time your having a conversation with your friends or family why don't you use phrases like...

Ni sa bula vinaka - Greetings to visitors/guests
Bula - Greetings to you two (dual)
Va cava tiko? - How are you?
Au bulabula vinaka tiko - I am well
Vinaka vakalevu - Thank you very much/very good
Moce - Goodbye (to someone who is going) / Goodnight

Celebrating our pacific flavor, our pacific way :)
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Today is Our Company Birthday!!

WE at AW, want to honor this amazing family!! Our Founder "Emeline Afeaki Mafileo" and her family have given so much to not only our organisation but also the people and communities who have been involved with us over the years. We thank God for you Emz, and we pray that an overflow of blessings will come as you continue to hold the torch up high so other Pacific Island leaders can do the same. You have changed the lives of many through your heart, your humility and courage.

We don't just celebrate our Birthday but we also celebrate YOU :)

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