It seemed natural. I was raised in a village, and when I was old enough to give back that is exactly what I did.
What I think was special for me was that as a first generation New Zealand born Pacific Islander I didn’t know then that I was actually born into a niche context.
Today Pacific People in Auckland are the fastest growing youthful population for New Zealand. It means that not only is our usefulness important for our Pacific people as we have been taught but in an ageing population like New Zealand it is useful for the rest of New Zealand particularly as the growing future workforce.
My unique upbringing in South Auckland has definitely determined the way I am. We can understand a little more about our Pacific peoples in a recent report published by Pasifika Futures through their findings they identify areas of need for our Pacific people and how we can better build a future that is better for all.


Download the full report published by Pasifika Futures

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