Can we bottle it? Are we able to sell it? Do we wear it around our neck? Or drive it to work each day?

Throughout my own vocational journey I have been described as a leader, or been asked to speak, write or discuss leadership.
I know that Leaders are in all forms of life, are of different cultures, backgrounds, gifts and skills, possibly motivated by different callings. One of the hardest callings on my life as a Tongan woman has been named a leader in my own community. The expectations that accompany “leadership” is both collective and generational.
As people that live collectively I believe we own both the family disappointments and accolades that are bestowed upon family members. Accolades don’t just come with gratitude but a hope to have the whole family advance in your honour. A speech I was invited to give to open the Sir Peter Blake Nominations in 2015 shares my insight to some of the challenges we face as Pacific leaders today.


Download Emeline’s full address at the 2015 Sir Peter Blake Awards below.

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